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N.T.F.S. manufactures authentic Japanese ramen noodles, Udon, Soba, fried noodles, gluten-free noodles, and Japanese style Gyoza and Wonton skins from 1990 at San Jose, CA. Initially, the factory started as a central kitchen of Ringer Hut. 

Humble Beginnings 

Hideyuki Yamashita spun off the noodle company from the Ringer Hut, Co. and launched Nippon Trends Food Service, Inc. as a new noodle manufacture in 2000. In order to manufacture full-fledged Japanese Ramen in the U.S, N.T.F.S. uses state-of-the-art Japanese noodle making equipment, the finest quality noodle flour, and provide consultation for restaurants of all kind. 

Our Impact 

Ramen is one of the most popular foods in Japan, but it was not as popular as Sushi among most of the people in the world until a few years ago. Yamashita has been involved with the ramen noodle industry more than 25 years. Today, he is visiting ramen fans all over the world in order to share his experiences as ramen chef, president of the ramen factory, and ramen lover.




For our customers, we evolve our noodles with our clients, we are “Urakata”- back supporter for our clients. The true relationship of creating a master noodle recipe working with our customers for our clients to shine. Noodle making begins with Restaurant customers to match their craft soup base. 

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Nippon Trends Food Service, Inc.

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