The master cuisine, Japanese Ramen, has been a big break lately.
Ramen is ultimate noodle dish combination of noodles (pasta), soup, meat, vegetables, and seafood. Today, Ramen is accepted from all over the world and it has been trying further evolution.

Yamachan ramen was founded in 1989 in San Jose. We have manufacturing authentic Japanese style raw ramen noodles for 25 years. The company’s motto is to make ramen for world food culture.
In order to deliver tasty ramen noodles to everyone, Yamachan Ramen noodles have been producing with the latest production facilities and by using the best ingredients. We are committed everyday to improve the products development and quality.

Please consult to us if you are planning to open a ramen shop, or you are planning ramen restaurant market research in the United States or Canada, and even have been already run a ramen restaurant.
Our representative will be happy to support your needs at the cordial.

I , myself, have been living more than 35 years devoted in Ramen noodle industry only.

Taking advantage of my unique experience, I would like to help people to be able to eat delicious authentic ramen around the world.

Come on! Let’s eat ramen and do our best!

President of Nippon Trends Food Service, Inc.

 Yamachan Ramen

Welcome to the world of Yamachan Ramen

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