Can we buy your noodles directly?

Because we are manufacturing company for food service, we are unable to sell our noodles to consumers. You can buy our retail products at most asian super markets such as 99 Ranch Market, Nijiya Market, Mitsuwa Market, Marukai Marketplace, and H-Mart. If you wish to buy our noodles in a larger quantity, you may visit Yamimeal and purchase there.

I have a restaurant/catering company, can we buy your noodles?

Please send us a message on our CONTACT US page with your name, business, and location, so we may direct you to a designated sales representative. If you'd like to visit our company, please message us on our CONTACT US page as well, so we may book you an appointment.

What is the expiratino date and how do you read it for Yamachan Ramen

You can freeze our products for one year from the date of manufacture. The six numbers written after “LOT #” on the back of the package are the manufacturing dates. (Read from right to left. For example, LO # 146090 indicates that it was done on September 6, 2014.)


What is Kansui? Why is Kansui important in Ramen noodles?

Kansui is is an alkaline solution of potassium carbonate and sodium carbonate mixed in water. Noodles with spring water are not real ramen. Kansui gives the noodles a unique flavor and smell. In addition, it extends the shelf life and retains elasticity and color.

What food allergies do the noodles have?

Our noodles include wheat, eggs, soy, coloring (FD & C Yellow # 5).

Do you have noodles that do not contain eggs or gluten?

We carry gluten free noodles, no eggs and vegan. Gluten-free noodles do not contain wheat, soy, or coloring.

Cooking the Noodles

How do you cook Yamachan noodles?

To learn how to make ramen in Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, and korean, visit our Home page and scroll to "How to cook tasty noodles".

Can you cook frozen noodles?

You can make noodles with a noodle basket, but do not stir the noodles. The noodles will fall apart. Frozen noodles reduce the temperature of water, so they become uncooked noodles. The best way to prevent this is to cook the noodles longer.

About Our Yamachan Retail Products

Why is the noodles too hard to bite?

As the temperature rises, the noodles begin to change. This is common for fresh noodles. If you cook the noodles longer than the time you decided, the crunchy will come back. If the noodles are hard, you need to extend the cooking time. If the noodles are thin, you need to shorten the cooking time.

What do I do when the package contains moisture?

Condensation occurs when cold air hits the warm surface of the package. The noodles are thawed by soaking in water, so sprinkle a small amount of starch to loosen the noodles before cooking. If you cook the noodles for 20 to 30 seconds, it will taste good.

What do I when the tonkotsu soup is hard and separates in the refrigerator?

The soup base can be heated in water to liquify the soup.

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