You can find Yamachan Ramen products in Asian supermarkets in the US.

Tokyo Shoyu Ramen Yamachan Ramen retail product

Regular Series

The Yamachan Ramen Regular Series, produced by the current president after experiencing “umai” ramen all over Japan for over 30 years, has four different flavors that form the very basic foundation of Japan’s ramen culture.

Rich Soup Series

Ramen is a local delicacy that reflects the culture of the district. The Rich Soup Series was created to bring the most developed regional ramen - Tokyo Shoyu, Sapporo Miso, and Yokohama Tonkotsu Shoyu a.k.a. Ie-Kei Ramen - to our ramen-loving customers in North America without flying to Japan.

Sara Udon

Sara udon is a local dish of Nagasaki Prefecture. It is called “udon”, but the noodles are thin ramen noodles and deep-fried and have a crispy and crunchy texture. The ingredients are the same as Nagasaki chanpon, and it is recognized as a category of chanpon ramen.

Fresh Ramen Noodles Only

This is a ramen noodle only package for those who want to enjoy special ramen soup creation or need extra noodle stocks at home.

Ramen Soup Base

Do you need just a soup base to make your own ramen soup broth? If so, this soup base is for you. It can be used not only for ramen soup, but also as a base for other soup dishes, or as a seasoning for fried or stir-fried dishes.


The classic ramen toppings remain the same no matter how the technology progresses. There is a magic to these toppings that makes ramen even more delicious at any age and any location.