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How to Boil Ramen Noodles Deliciously at Home

It’s easy to make delicious ramen noodles at home like a pro once you get the hang of it. Be sure to follow these tips when you have a ramen party at home. Surprise your family and guests!


1) Fluff up and aerate the noodles to obtain chewy noodles.
By loosening the noodles and allowing the surface of the noodles to come into contact with the air, you make the noodles firmer. In the case of curly noodles, this method makes the curliness robust.

2) Use the right amount of boiling water.
Use plenty of hot water and let the noodles swim in the pot. 6¼ cups or 1.5 L of water is the minimum for boiling ramen for one serving, and ideally 12.5 cups or 3 L.

If the water used to boil the noodles is dirty, the boiling point will be low and the surface of the noodles will become rough; the texture will be poor, and the noodles will get soggy easily.

If you are going to eat the noodles cold, such as in Hiyashi Chuka (ramen noodle salad), rinse the noodles in cold water after boiling to remove the slime around the noodles for an even better taste.

3) Use a noodle basket.
Loosen the noodles by stirring in the noodle basket, this helps the noodles to cook evenly.

4) Drain the noodles extremely well in the basket.
Lift the noodle basket and let it drain for at least 2 seconds.

5) Pour the soup into a bowl before adding the noodles.
If the noodles are placed in a bowl and the soup poured on top of it, the oil does not adhere to the noodles and will not taste the same.

6) If you want to thaw frozen noodles, leave them in the refrigerator overnight to thaw. Do not use a microwave oven.

7) When cooking frozen noodles, cook 1 minute longer than the cooking time in the package instructions.