Thank yo for your support this year!
Thank yo for your support this year!

Every summer, we get call from our customers about problems with noodles.

Fresh noodles are very sensitive to sudden changes of temperature.

The temperature can affect noodles taste, quality, and freshness. 


Please keep the noodles below 40 all the time. 



We have had a lots of reuqest about how to cook fresh ramen noodles at home just like you eat restaurant.

Finallu  YOU CAN DOWNLOAD Yamachan's Noodle cooking technique "How to cook tasty noodles" in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean!


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Yamachan noodles are now available at frozen food area at the supermarket near you!

YES! We are still at super market near you but we have decided to store our products at frozen food area to keep them fresh. (Please ask the store staff if you can’t find them).


Benefit of keeping the noodles in the freezer is that the noodles will be kept fresh and Its  shelf life will be extended. 



Cooking Technique
Thee frozen noodle will be easier to cook without becoming lumps by thawing them inside the refrigerator the night before using them.