The word "Urakata" means stagehands, a phrase we use to demonstrate how we treat our clients. Clients are actors, creating their drama. We are the behind-the-scenes team for clients' excellent performance, providing total support. We provide not only noodles and soup but also cooking equipment and its maintenance. For restaurants making their own noodles, we offer raw material procurement and technical service. We are happy to be your "Urakata" to direct to a successful business. Because your success is your success.



Need authentic ramen noodles? You can count on us. We inherit Japanese ramen artisanship tradition, creating new trends in the US and Canada. Carrying over 300 recipes and styles, we guarantee that our noodles embody the same quality and taste as Japanese-style ramen noodles and more. We are pursuing deliciousness. Please enjoy!



Our philosophy, CUSTOMER' SATISFACTION FIRST, means not only to provide the best products but also the customer care. We are not just a noodle manufacturer. We are the total coordinator of ramen culture. With over 20 years of experience, we have rich skills and knowledge to make noodles and produce ramen restaurants. Please feel free to consult us. We work together with you to create something new just for your success.

Traditional Artisanship + Innovative Technology = The Best Quality

With a strict traditional Japanese artisanship, we create the highest quality noodles from the highest quality ingredients in the US, using the most innovative technology.


About Us

Yamachan Ramen is a family-owned company established by Hideyuki Yamashita in 2000. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley in San Jose, California, Yamachan Ramen manufactures Japanese ramen noodles, udon, and Japanese style gyoza for 20 years.


The company began as the chief supplier for a Japanese restaurant called Ringer Hut Co. In 1989. After 11 years of commercial success, Hideyuki decided to revitalize the company as an open supplier for numerous Japanese restaurants in California. Thus, establishing a new facility with a new name called Yamachan Ramen.


Yamachan Ramen is more than a manufacturer. We are a service company, offering many kinds of styles and recipes of noodles for our clients and business consultation to help them succeed. We achieve this goal by using the most innovative machinery found only in Japan and hand-picked ingredients with the highest quality.


Our goal is to achieve happiness for both our clients and our employees. Spreading love and morality through our products and our hospitality, we are pursuing ways to contribute to society. Ramen has now evolved into one of the most loved cuisines worldwide, and we are devoting ourselves to be a leading ambassador of the ramen culture. Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we, Yamachanramen, continue our challenges for the future.

Our Story



Hideyuki Yamashita and his family moved from Japan to San Jose, California. He began managing both the manufacture and the business Japanese restaurant Ringer Hut Co.



Yamashita was appointed to have full rights to Ringer Hut's manufacturing company, changin the name to Ringer Hut USA. The company was then an open supplier for noodles, gyoza skins, and sushi.

The same year, Ringer Hut USA opened its services to Nishimoto Co. Ltd, now known as Wismettac Asian Foods, USA.



Ringer Hut USA changed its name to Nippon Trends Food Service Inc., doing business as Yamachan Ramen.



Yamachan Ramen began working with ramen restaurants nationwide, then opening its business to supply many restaurants in Canada and Central America.



Yamachan Ramen opened its market to distributors on the West Coast; Catering to the western market.Yamachan has also created a new product that was first featured at the Nourished festival called Ramen Z. A gluten-free ramen made with Konnyaku noodles, allowing many to enjoy the taste of Japan ramen with health benefits.



Yamachan Ramen collaborated with BASEFOOD, a noodle and bread brand focusing to add 1/3 of nutritional value on a daily basis in their product. Also, Yamachan Ramen opened its doors to co-packing for future retail ramen products, continuing to expand its services nationwide.


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"Yamachan Ramen is One of the Best Ways to Make Homemade Japanese Style Ramen" -Oishii Desu