Yamachan Ramen Tokyo Shoyu Ramen package with fresh ramen noodles and soup for homemade ramen

Tokyo Shoyu Ramen

Shoyu (soy sauce) ramen, which is known as the prototype of today’s ramen, is the oldest style in the history of Japanese ramen.

This ramen is an enhancement to the traditional Shoyu Ramen. This combination of rich soy sauce with seafood broth and straight extra-fine noodles creates a luxurious ramen tasting experience.

The thin and straight noodles have a smooth mochi-mochi (soft) texture and are chewy and NON-soggy after boiling.

Recommended toppings are chashu, which gives a richness. Seaweed adds extra umami flavor, and green onions, which give a contrast in flavors.


Recipe Ideas


Cooking Instructions

Stove Top

1. In a pot of 1.5 L of unsalted boiling water, cook noodles for 1.5 mins, (If frozen, 2.5 mins) and loosen the noodles with chopsticks. The temperature of the water needs to be as high as the boiling point and let the noodles swim. Drain the water thoroughly.

2. In a bowl, add the soup base packet and 1.25 cups (300 ml) of boiling water. Mix well.

3. In the soup bowl, add the cooked ramen noodles and garnish with vegetables and meat as you like. Enjoy!


Allergy Warnings

Allergen: Wheat, Soybeans, Fish, Egg


Two Servings (120 g noodle x 2 & soup base x 2), Net weight 12.77 oz (362 g)

Storage: Keep frozen


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